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A step closer to healing all your sports injuries

In these times when change is the only constant thing, every one of us is rushing to catch up with the pace and meet the increasing demands of our daily active schedule. This always puts us at a higher risk of lifestyle related injuries. Besides, with raising health awareness levels, our engagement in sports or similar activities is increasing, sometimes even without proper training. This raises the chances of sports injuries. With increasing instances of such injuries over the years, a strong need was felt to integrate state of the art international standard technical advancements in the field of Arthroscopy, Sports Injuries and Sports Medicine under one roof. With a vision to augment the health care facilities in Rajasthan and facilitate easy and fast injury recovery, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur decided to bring a comprehensive solution in the form of SportsMed. With SportsMed we offer, for the first time in Rajasthan, a one stop solution for all lifestyle and sports injuries along with complete sports medicine services.

Our approach: a customized treatment for individual injury

We customize medical solutions in accordance with the variation of injury. For instance, a cricket player will sustain different type of injuries as compared to a weight lifter. Similarly, injuries of a young aspiring athlete need a different approach of treatment compared to those of a seasoned player. A woman sports person requires a different medical attention compared to a male counterpart. Similarly treatment of lifestyle injuries to common man need much different care and treatment compared to a sports person.

Sports Population: We serve everyone

Who says sports population consists of only sports people? Aren't we all doing multiple kinds and levels of physical activities in our daily lives? We believe in this sport called life, everyone who is living an active lifestyle is a sports person.

Sports medicine: A medicinal & surgical treatment

A combination of Medicinal and Surgical treatment for Sports Population is our specialty in sports specific perspective along with highly targeted tools like performance enhancement, anti doping, sports psychology and sports nutrition.

Sports injuries- A minor hurt to a major injury

Injuries sustained during sports and sports resembling activities like injuries due to slip from bike, dancing injuries, twisting, jumping, running and accidental injuries are included in sports injuries. This could lead to injuries like ligament tears, TA rupture, shoulder dislocation, cartilage injuries and meniscus tear etc.

Overuse injuries

The injuries caused due to improper or overuse of a certain part of our body like tennis elbow, muscle sprains, shoulder pain, knee pain and backache and other overuse injuries are treated at SportsMed.

SportsMed Redefining Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is the key hole surgery of joints This surgical technique was evolved to cater sports persons aiming for faster recovery and return to sports. Now with technical advancement this rare technique is available to everyone.
SportsMed - works with most advanced HD Arthroscopy system with complete latest equipments and instrumentation to give you the best results.

Overview of sports injuries and their treatment

Knee injuries

Knee Ligament Tear Knee ligament tear is very common injury amongst sports persons and active population after twisting. It leads to ACL, PCL and Multi-ligament injuries.

  • Sign and symptoms- Initial: Swelling | Painful movements | Inability to bear weight on affected limb
  • Prospective: Feel fear of falling | Difficulty in climbing stairs | Lack of confidence in knee | atrophy (thinning) of thigh muscles.
  • Treatment- In cases of Partial tear, treatment with exercises and precautions & in cases of high grade tears Arthroscopic Surgical Reconstruction is mandatory.

Special at SportsMed - World's most reliable knee assessment system KT-1000-Most Advanced HD Endovision system, internationally trained surgical team, Specific Surgical planning for Sports person/ Female Athletes/ Adolescent sports injuries/ Multiligament injuries, with a individual post Surgery care.

Meniscus Injuries

  • Meniscus, the cushion like structures inside knee, can be torn after twisting injury.
  • Sign and Symptoms: Pain | Locking | Feeling of something rubbing inside knee
  • Treatment- Meniscal repair or excision of dead torn portion of this cushion.

At SportsMed, with our cutting edge technologies and pre operative work up, we are committed to conserve the vital structure with Orthobiologics to promote healing, stitching or trimming of torn meniscus.

For stiff knee and loose bodies-

Arthroscopic Adheseolysis is the minimal invasive day care procedure to treat stiff knee and for removal of any loose piece in the knee joint, arthroscopic loose body removal is the solution.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries include recurrent dislocation shoulder, rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder, arthritis etc .

Sign and symptoms- Shoulder pain | Decrease in Power' Stiffness | Instability | difficulty in throwing movement | decrease in power.
Many of these problems can be treated with exercise, medication and injection to the joint. In other major ailments, Arthroscopy (Key hole surgery) is an efficient method of treatment. At Sports Med we have fully equipped shoulder surgery unit along with aggressive rehabilitation to provide you the best scientific treatment modalities.

Small Joint Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy Services related to ankle, elbow and wrist. Small joint problems like old ankle sprains, elbow stiffness and wrist pain can be diagnosed and treated with Arthroscopic Intervention. At SportsMed we have Special Mini Joint Arthroscopy system (Arthroscope as thin as a wire) along with surgical expertise In mini joint Arthroscopic Surgeries.

Muscle and ligament tear repairs

Quadriceps (Thigh Muscle tear), TA ligament tears, ankle ligament tears and other muscular tears are treated with world's most advanced techniques.

Arthroscopic Synovectomies

This minimal invasive technique is specifically used to treat knee swelling in Rheumatoid, Tubercular affected Knee and other affected swollen joints.
At SportsMed we use tissue ablation Radio Frequency System which is a cost effective alternative to laser tissue ablation.

Team lead by Dr. Vikram Sharma

Renowned doctor from Rajasthan in the field of arthroscopy, sports injuries and sports medicine. A wide experience of 10 years in the field with more than 3000 documented arthroscopic surgeries including international exposure. The pioneer doctor behind the formation of Thar Association of Sports Medicine and actively associated with Indian Association of Sports Medicine as Joint Secretary.

Experience and Specialization

  • M.S.Orthopedics, Diploma Sports Injuries (U.K)
  • Fellowship Shoulder Arthroscopy (U.K)
  • Fellowship Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
  • President, Thar Association of Sports Medicine.
  • Joint Secretary, Indian Association of Sports Medicine.

SportsMed Features

  • Most experienced surgical team.
  • Most Advanced HD Arthroscopic Vision System for the best results.
  • Cutting edge technological support- Radio Frequency, Small joint surgical unit, KT-1000, Isokinetic etc.
  • Patient Education as a integral part of Treatment
  • Aggressive Rehabilitation for Faster Recovery
  • Customized treatment for every one- Female athletes, Young sports injuries, High demanding professional athletes, Elderly active person.
  • Under Direct International advisory from Dr Freedi H fu Chairman Orthopedics, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A
  • Special attention on sports injury prevention and education of sports population.
  • Complete Sports medicine solutions - Sports Psychology, Performance Enhancement, Anti Doping, Sports Specific injuries treatment, Sports Rehabilitation etc.
  • Cost effective affordable packages with a caring ambience of Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur.

Famous personalities who recovered from shoulder injury

Tiger Woods, an American professional golfer, underwent many knee surgeries during the year 2002 to 2008, including surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and a reconstructive surgery on the ACL in his left knee.

Saina Nehwal, an Indian badminton player underwent a knee surgery last year (2016) as she fractured her infra patellar spur and suffered severe anterior knee pain.

Mohammed Shami Ahmed, an Indian cricketer suffered a tear in the left knee during one of the tournaments in the year 2015 and underwent an arthroscopic corrective knee surgery.

Famous personalities who recovered from shoulder injury

Shah Rukh Khan, a famous Bollywood actor underwent a surgery as he was suffering from a tear in the rotator cuff muscles in his right shoulder. He also underwent a surgery in his left shoulder in 2009.

Javagal Srinath, an Indian former cricketer who is considered to be the only Indian fast bowler to have taken more than 300 wickets in the One Day Internationals. He was disgnosed with rotator-cuff injury of 1997.

Anil Kumble, a former Indian cricketer also had an injury in his right shoulder. He is recovered and is now the current head coach of the Indian cricket team.

Maria Sharapova, a Russian professional tennis player underwent a surgery to repair a tear in the rotator cuff muscles. Three years after the injury she elevated to be the No. 1 tennis player in the world.

Famous sports persons who recovered from Ankle Sprains

Schilling, an American former Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher injured his right ankle in the Game 1 of the 2004 AL championship series against New York. He then returned to an exceptional win in Game 6.

Jonny Bairstow, an English cricketer injured his ankle in the India-England test match 2016 but managed to get back on field to score 53 runs.