Arthroscopy is the keyhole surgery of joints. Previously, this surgical technique was evolved to cater sports persons only, aiming for their faster recovery and return to sports. But now with technical advancement, this rare technique is available to everyone.
The advantage of arthroscopy over traditional open surgery is that the joint does not have to be opened up fully. This reduces recovery time and may increase the rate of surgical success due to fewer traumas to the connective tissue.
SportsMed works with most advanced HD Arthroscopy system with complete latest equipments and instrumentation to give the best treatment. We have a team of internationally trained arthroscopic surgeons and sports injury specialists for Arthroscopic surgeries and orthopedics treatments in Knee injuries, Shoulder injuries and other injuries.

Small Joint Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy Services related to Ankle, elbow and wrist. Small joint problems like old ankle sprains, elbow stiffness and wrist pain can be diagnosed and treated with Arthroscopic Intervention.
At SportsMed we have Special Mini Joint Arthroscopy System (Arthroscope as thin as a wire) along with surgical expertise in mini joint Arthroscopic Surgeries.

Arthroscopic Synovectomies

This Minimal invasive technique is specifically used to treat knee swelling in Rhumatiod, Tubercular affected Knee and other affected swollen joints

First Time in North India 100W Holmium Laser Assisted Arthroscopy Surgeries

  • Fast Recovery
  • Early Return to work
  • International Certified most effective for swelling of joints (synovitis) osteoarthritis knee.
  • Ligaments and Manisus Tear and other
  • Joint Related Problems